Tokens & Credits

What is the difference between tokens & credits?

Arc8 is powered by the GAMEE token, which is used as an entry fee and reward in tournaments and matches. This is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain and can be traded on crypto exchanges, where the GMEE token is listed.
To provide a completely free experience to all players, Arc8 introduces credits, which are free in-game currency, earned through gameplay and completing tasks.

How do I earn credits?

  • Completing daily tasks – every day, you will find new tasks to be completed in Arc8, each of which rewards credits.
  • Daily reward – come to the Arc8 app on a daily basis and claim free credit rewards.
  • Levelling up – each player levels up with more skill & experience; levelling up is always rewarded with credits.
  • Playing 1v1 practice matches – play against opponents where credits are paid to enter and earned as a reward.

How do I earn GMEE tokens?

You can earn GMEE tokens in 1v1 matches and tournaments. Follow our roadmap for more opportunities within Arc8.

Can I earn tokens other than GMEE?

Yes. Every month we host tournaments sponsored by our partners. We have had tournaments where the prizes are $TOWER, REVV, QUICK, SPORT and SAND, with even more Polygon network tokens coming up.

Can I withdraw other tokens from my Arc8 Pay account?

Yes. The process is exactly the same as when you withdraw GMEE. Remember, if you send tokens to your Arc8 Wallet, they must be on the Polygon network or they may be lost forever. If you want to withdraw partner tokens from your Arc8 Pay balance, it is recommended that you send them to your own personal wallet. Partner tokens on the Polygon network may successfully be transferred to your Arc8 Wallet, but MATIC will not appear. Never send MATIC to your Arc8 Wallet. Click here to find out more about how wallets work and how to withdraw sponsors' tokens (and GMEE) to your personal wallet.

How can I see/withdraw the other tokens I have in my Arc8 Pay account?

  • Go to your wallet screen in the Arc8 app.
  • Where you see your Arc8 Pay balance, there is a small arrow next to the number. Click this and you can see all the other tokens you currently own.
  • Click the one you want to withdraw. You may now click the withdraw button to send it to another wallet. Remember, it is advised to send it to a personal wallet. Never send MATIC to your Arc8 wallet.