Weekly Airdrops

Weekly Airdrops are GMEE token giveaways that happen every Thursday in Arc8. Players have one week to reach the required number of tickets before the draw.

How do I win tickets?

Right now, there are two ways to win tickets, though this will increase in future.
  • Win 1v1 token matches. Every victory earns you 20 tickets
  • Complete qualification. Doing this in any game will reward you with 30 tickets

What are the rewards? Are they the same every week?

The GMEE prize pool will change from time to time. At present, it looks like this:

When will the winners be announced?

You will be able to see the winners in the Arc8 app around one hour after the draw ends at 1PM UTC. If you win, your GMEE prize will be sent to your Arc8 Pay Wallet. However, the next Weekly Airdrop qualification starts at 1PM UTC and you can begin accumulating tickets for the next draw.

What happens if I don't have enough tickets to enter the draw?

You will be able to keep them and use them in the following week's draw! If you still don't have enough tickets for that draw, then don't worry – you can keep them until you have enough to qualify for a draw.

How do I increase my chances of winning?

The draw is completely random – a thousand tickets are chosen and allocated a spot in the prize pool. Every ticket you enter is one that can potentially be chosen for a reward. This means that the more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning. For instance, if the entry requirement is 1000 tickets and you have 2000 tickets, you are twice as likely to win as someone who only just managed to qualify.
Note that you can not win multiple prizes – only one winning ticket per player. And all tickets are entered into the draw if you reach the required number to enter.

What happens if I don't win anything?

There is a small consolation prize –– you will receive 5% of the tickets that were needed to enter the draw. For instance, if the requirement for the draw was 1000 tickets, you will get 50 tickets to give you a head start towards next week's draw.

Help! My tickets are not increasing / I cannot see my tickets

  • Make sure you are playing in competitive 1v1 matches and not practice matches.
  • If you are playing qualifying matches, you will get tickets when qualification is complete.
  • Make sure your Arc8 app is updated to the latest version.