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Telegram Accounts

Information for players who play Prizes games on Telegram with the GAMEE Bot
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How can I make changes to my profile?

You can only do this in the mobile Prizes app. You cannot edit your profile via Telegram or the web. Go to the settings and choose ‘edit profile’. Ask the bot for a new password for your Telegram account so you can login via the Prizes app. This feature is the last button in the bot’s menu.
Important: if you delete the Prizes account created by the GAMEE bot, you will not be able to use the bot again. You will not be able to link any new Prizes accounts to the bot, either. Therefore, it is recommended not to delete the account.

Why didn’t my score get saved?

There are two reasons why this may happen:
  • If the connection is lost while playing, the score will not be counted.
  • If you play Telegram for more than an hour, the score sometimes fails to save, which is an issue caused by Telegram. We recommend downloading the Prizes app to avoid this happening.

Can I reset my score?

No, you cannot reset scores in your group, as this is not something we can do in Telegram. Telegram has its own rules and conditions. You would have to start a new chat group to reset your score – every chat group has its own leaderboard.

I have been banned – when will I be able to play again?

The first time our system detects unfair gameplay (cheating), there is a 24-hour block on your account, and then you can play again. If our system detects unfair gameplay a second time, then the ban is permanent.

How can I turn off notifications?

First, click on the GAMEE bot profile. And then:
  • Android: Slide to notifications off
  • iOS: Click on the mute button

How can I delete the bot?

First, click on the GAMEE bot profile. And then:
  • Android: Click the 3 dots in the top-right corner and select Stop bot.
  • iOS: Click on the Stop button

Can I remove the widget?

Yes. To remove the widget, you first need to remove the GAMEE bot from Telegram. When you have done so, clear the cache for Telegram in your app settings – or wait until Telegram caches the changes.

Can I play without adding the GAMEE bot to my group?

Yes. Type @gamee and the name of the game (or choose the game from the pop-up window), and then you can play that game with your friends.

Why is the game menu still in the group after I deleted the bot?

This menu will eventually disappear. These are Telegram settings that we cannot change. Clearing your data or reinstalling Telegram may help.

How can I play GAMEE Prizes games for money?

Download the Prizes app to win Tickets and play Lucky Games to win real money! You can download it here:

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account and all your data, you must download and install the Prizes app for iOS or Android, and then delete your account. You can find out how to delete your account and data in Prizes here.