Arc8 for Partners

Arc8 for Partners is a set of customizable tools and events for Web3 projects, brands, and communities that seek to gain exposure to a large Web3-ready audience, distribute their tokens/NFTs in a gamified way, or gain monetizable utility for their existing community.

There are two potential routes for partners, depending on their needs.

  1. To acquire users for a Web3 project, game, or NFT collection:

  • Partners become Arc8 sponsors and distribute tokens and NFTs, or present rewarded tasks to the Arc8 audience, which results in brand exposure and user acquisition for their project.

  1. To engage or monetize their existing audience:

  • Partners will be able to run their version of Arc8, with competitions and game events customized and opened exclusively for the partner community.

Since its launch, Arc8 has hosted many successful partnerships in the form of Token Takeovers, in which all Arc8 players were able to earn token or NFT rewards sponsored by an Arc8 partner.

Other events, such as NFT-gated tournaments, are more exclusive – entry is possible only if the player owns a certain NFT. The most notable example of this is Arc8 GameFest, gated via the Arc8 GameFest Pass NFT. This purely Web3 gaming event sees players competing for large prize pools of tokens and NFTs.

The first rendition of this event was Arc8 GameFest 2023, which offered a token and NFT prize pool worth US $120,000, and ran from November 16th-30th, 2023. More details on this event and contributing partners can be found further down this page.

Past and Current Partnerships

Every season introduces new partners and rewards. So far, the following partner tokens have been given away as rewards in Arc8 during Token Takeover events:

We have made Arc8 games in partnership with:

We have partnered in a different capacity with:

New partnerships are announced in Season announcements and partnership announcements on the GAMEE Medium page, as well as from the Arc8 X (Twitter) account.

Arc8 GameFest 2023

Arc8 GameFest is a gated event that brings together the Web3 community and offers Arc8 players the opportunity to compete for token and NFT rewards.

Running from November 16-30, 2023, this inaugural event brought together a number of Web3 companies to offer Arc8 GameFest Pass (NFT) holders a collective prize pool of tokens and NFTs valued at US $120,000.

Our partners in this event were as follows:

VIP Partners:

Key Partners:

Strategic Partners:

  • Polygon

  • OpenSea

  • Glip

  • Avocado DAO

  • ForestKnight

  • Animoca Brands

  • Aki Network

  • W3GG

The next Arc8 GameFest event is set for H1 2024, with more details to be revealed soon. If you would like to participate as a partner in the next Arc8 GameFest, please contact us at

Case Studies

Read details of some of our previous partnerships below.

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