Arc8 for Players

Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform designed around friendly competitive gameplay. Players are gradually introduced in a gamified way to web3 concepts (such as wallets, tokens, and NFTs) via a more familiar web2 experience.

A Player’s First Wallet

All Arc8 accounts come with a virtual wallet, known as Arc8 Pay. This feature allows players not knowledgeable about web3 to still earn tokens, increasing their interest and sparking their curiosity about web3 gaming.

To withdraw rewards, mint Beast NFTs or participate in Arc8 GameFest, players need to connect an external wallet to their Arc8 account.

A Player’s First NFT

Players are rewarded for their skill and time spent playing in the form of the visual progress of a Beastie. Its properties and appearance evolve as the player progresses on the platform.

After some time and tied to the player's progress in the game, the character can be minted as a free Beast NFT that has specific utility within the later stages of the platform and unlocks new features for its owner.

Lucky Events

In Lucky Events, players spend their Luck (earned from playing) in a draw to earn in-game rewards. These rewards may include GMEE and/or partner tokens and NFTs. Rewards are sent to the winning player's wallets. Collecting partner tokens via a web2 event gives players the opportunity to own their first cryptocurrency or NFT. It also incentivizes the discovery of other web3 games and projects where the tokens and NFTs may be used.

Purchases with GMEE

While many items in Arc8 are earned, some can be obtained with in-app purchases with fiat currency, or with GMEE token on the web shop.

The Arc8 GameFest for Web3-Ready Players

The Arc8 GameFest is a unique league for web3-savvy users who want to take their gaming to the next level.

It is accessible via a special NFT pass – the Arc8 GameFest Pass. The Arc8 GameFest Pass gives its owner access to the competitive part of the Arc8 application, with large prize pools, blue chip NFTs, partner-sponsored tokens, and stablecoins.

The inaugural Arc8 GameFest runs from November 16 to November 30, 2023. The prize pool for this is valued at $120,000 USD and consists of a multitude of tokens and NFTs from our VIP partners and key partners. These are:

VIP Partners:

Key Partners:

Players who hold multiple Arc8 GameFest Passes gain access to the Elite Arcade, a zone within Arc8 GameFest that offers tournaments with NFT prize pools. The prize pools are tiered according to the number of GameFest Passes the player holds. The tiers and prizes are listed below. Note that USD values are estimates and are subject to change.

Elite Arcade 2+ Passes Tier:

Total Prize Pool: Over $3,000 USD Prizes:

Elite Arcade 5+ Passes Tier:

Total Prize Pool: $10,700 USD Prizes:

Elite Arcade 10+ Passes Tier:

Total Prize Pool: $16,685 USD Prizes:

Elite Arcade 25+ Passes Tier:

  • Total Prize Pool: $34,000 USD

  • Exclusive Prize: Everything above, plus a chance to win a Moca NFT reserved for this tier only.

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