Decentralization is one of the keys to future gaming ecosystems. No single entity controls the game – instead, the power is transferred to the players.
For the G-Bots Metaverse, this is a continuous process.
In the first phase, it means that new G-Bots are created directly by players and can be further upgraded and evolved.
Here are some of the features that contribute towards decentralization:
Upgradingeach G-Bot has certain stats which contribute towards its overall power. Players can improve their G-Bot to perform better within G-Bot Games and thus have a higher chance of beating their opponents. G-bots with more power are more valuable, and it is easier to win tokens with them.
👶 Breeding - players can choose to combine up to five existing G-Bots to create new NFTs – Baby Bots!
🗳️ Voting – owning GMEE enables voting on important decisions around new game features and game content.