Breed new Baby Bots on the Arc8 web app
G-Bot owners can choose to create new G-Bots by breeding up to 5 G-Bots at once.
A newly created G-Bot is a Baby Bot that can be further upgraded and then evolved into an adult G-Bot.
Breeding can only be done in your external wallet on the Arc8 web app.
Each G-Bot has the potential to breed a set number of times – a number which depends on one parameter: the number of Energy Cores it has. The maximum that any G-Bot could breed, therefore, is 5 times, as that is the highest number of Energy Cores a G-Bot can have.
Energy Cores
First Edition G-Bots start with 3 to 5 Energy Cores each and will be the founders of all the upcoming generations. In terms of G-Bot lore, Energy Cores are a refined, concentrated form of Omega Particles!
Each time a G-Bot takes part in the breeding process, they give up one Energy Core. One Energy Core is burned in the breeding process, and the others are given to the Baby Bot. This means that the Baby Bot will have as many Energy Cores as the number of G-Bots involved in the breeding process, minus one. So, for instance, a Baby Bot with four parents will have three Energy Cores.
Breeding Process
Breeding costs both OMP and GMEE tokens. The time it takes will depend on the number of G-Bots taking part in the process.
  • The costs in GMEE depends on the number of Energy Cores the parents have remaining. The more Energy Cores a G-Bot has, the less GMEE it costs to breed
  • The cost in OMP depends on the COP of the parent G-Bots
  • The breeding process takes 48 hours, whatever the Baby Bot’s rarity
To calculate breeding costs, we first need to take into account the Energy Core multiplier. Use this table to find the Energy Core multiplier for each parent G-Bot:
Energy Core multipliers
We also need to look at the Multiplier table:
To calculate the costs of breeding in GMEE and OMP, use these two formulae:
  • GMEE: the sum of the following for each parent: breeding multiplier x rarity multiplier x Energy Core multiplier x GMEE multiplier
  • OMP: OMP multiplier x breeding multiplier x (Parent-1’s COP x Parent-1’s rarity multiplier + Parent-2’s COP x Parent-2’s rarity multiplier +…)
Example: We are breeding with the following three parents:
Parent 1: An epic G-Bot with 2 Energy Cores and a COP of 55 Parent 2: An epic G-Bot with 1 Energy Core and a COP of 66 Parent 3: A common G-Bot with 4 Energy Cores and a COP of 32
GMEE cost: - Parent 1 = 5 (breeding multiplier) x 10 (epic multiplier) x 1.3 (Energy Core multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 650 - Parent 2 = 5 (breeding multiplier) x 10 (epic multiplier) x 1.4 (Energy Core multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 700 - Parent 3 = 5 (breeding multiplier) x 1 (common multiplier) x 1.1 (Energy Core multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 55
Now we add these figures together. Total: 650 + 700 + 55 = 1405 GMEE
OMP cost:
55 (Parent 1’s COP) x 10 (Parent 1’s Epic multiplier) + 66 (Parent 2’s COP) x 10 (Parent 2’s Epic multiplier) + 32 (Parent 3’s COP) x 1 (Parent 3’s Common multiplier) = 1242
1242 x 0.05 (OMP multiplier) x 5 (breeding multiplier) = 310.5 OMP
Baby Bot Parameters
  • Class: The Baby Bot’s class is randomly chosen from the pool of parental classes. For instance, a Baby Bot with 3 warrior parents and 1 fighter parent has its class chosen from a pool of three warriors and one fighter, giving it a 75% of being a warrior and a 25% chance of being a fighter
  • Rarity: Rarity is determined by the rarity of the parents and their COP. The more parents you have involved — and the higher their rarity level — the more likely you are to be satisfied with your new Baby Bot’s rarity.
  • Keep in mind that you can always see what rarity the Baby Bot will have before you commit to the transaction.
Evolve your Baby Bots in your external wallet on the Arc8 web app