Digital Ownership

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a blockchain-based way of proving ownership, validity, and scarcity in unique digital assets, which provides an unprecedented shift from traditional gaming models.
Players transform their purchased game asset, skill and time spent in games into tangible digital assets they own and can choose what to do with.
G-Bots leverage this power in several ways.
📈 Digital Collectibles - G-Bots look stunning and there are quite a few to collect. You can find 5 different rarities for each of the 3 different classes available (for now). Each G-Bot has a unique combination of attributes. Overall, there are more than 50 various looks to collect within the initial sale. None of the visuals will be sold again in the future, making each design even more exclusive!
🎟️ Membership - owning a G-Bot unlocks special events and opportunities. For a start, within the new Arc8 app there is a section for G-Bot owners only with exclusive game tournaments and prize pools. Learn more at​
💰 Renting - one of the possibilities within the G-Bot Metaverse is to specialize. Some players have the resources to create great G-Bot squads, others are great players and tacticians. Rent your G-Bots to other players and share the profits!