G-Bot Anatomy

G-Bots are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) of the ERC-721 standard.
‌Each G-Bot has the following parameters stored within the on-chain metadata:
  • Type - determines the way a specific G-Bot can be used.
  • Class - determines G-Bot’s specific visual features. Each class is stronger / weaker against other classes, so build your collection carefully!
  • Rarity - determines how rare your G-Bot is compared to others.
  • Visuals - just super cool, high-res animation of your NFT!
  • Overall Current Power (COP) - the current strength of your G-Bot, overall average of all of the Stats.
  • Maximum Overall Potential (MOP) - the potential of how strong your G-Bot can become.
  • Energy Cores - remaining number of times it can be used in Breeding.
  • Stats - values of Attack, Defense, HP, Power, Speed, Battery, Critical, Luck, Special.