G-Bot Starters

G-Bot Starters are limited edition G-Bot NFTs given away exclusively as rewards in Arc8. They are branded according to our partners, with the first of these partnerships being Atari. Players must complete game challenges in order to win a G-Bot Starter, with the challenge varying according to the brand of the G-Bot Starter on offer. They grant access to G-Bot games in Arc8, though they cannot be bred, upgraded or staked. The very first G-Bot Starter to be given away was the Hoop Shot G-Bot Starter, which players earned by accumulating a total of 15,000 points in Hoop Shot between 14-19 July 2022. Those who qualified were entered into a draw on July 21 to win one of seventy of these unique NFTs. Branded G-Bot Starters have also been given away as rewards – from ATARI, The Crypto Prophecies and – coming soon – Cool Cats. Here is a list of previous and upcoming G-Bot Starters: - Hoop Shot - ATARI - Dark Lords - TCP - Pirate Solitaire - Cool Cats - Energy Wars - Jeepers (Halloween) - Arc8