Play & Earn

G-Bots are designed to provide the ultimate play, own, and earn experience.
We truly believe in rewarding players (as we have been doing for years at GAMEE) for their effort, skill, and loyalty.
Fighter ready for action
Through our Play-and-Earn game mechanics, players will create value by improving their G-Bots, minting new ones, and earning tokens and other items, which can be further exchanged or sold.
This incentivizes players to actively participate in growing the ecosystem.

How to Earn?

⚔️Game Tournaments – games combining strategy and intense action with the possibility to challenge other players.
⛏️ Earning OMP – Omega Particles (OMP) are the native currency of the G-Bots Metaverse that can only be earned by completing tasks and playing games within the ecosystem, which is needed for Upgrading, Evolving, and Breeding new G-Bots.