G-Bots are fighters by nature. They were created to compete in and win battles.
The Arc8 app hosts two mini games for G-Bot owners. Players can compete directly against other G-Bots in tournaments or, since Season 3, compete in 1v1 battles. At present, G-Bot owners have exclusive access to Dark Lords and Energy Wars.

Dark Lords

Jump in your spaceship and take on waves of enemy spacecraft – destroy as many as you can before time runs out, or before they destroy you. Collect power-ups and bonuses to boost your score and increase your spaceship's defense or attacking capabilities.

Energy Wars

A thrilling puzzle battler game in which players have to create color combinations of three or more stones to accumulate points. Creating combinations with the colors assigned to your G-Bot at the start of the game powers up your G-Bot's attack, making it easier to defeat your foes. The aim of the game is to use your skills to take out all the enemies before the time runs out. Check out this guide on how to play.
How to play Energy Wars