Gaming Platform

Gamified launchpad for web3 brands & crypto projects
The Arc8 Gaming Platform is a way for partners to generate exposure for their tokens and NFTs. The goal of the platform is to create a customizable space for those who want to make use of a high-quality gaming platform as a launchpad to promote their project, token, game or NFT collection to a large user base of players.
As a company using this this gaming platform, you get hundred of thousands of eyes on your token, and deliver real gaming utility to your NFTs.
We create bridges between various web3 projects and gaming audiences, with multiple event types. These can be in the form of Token Takeovers, in which all Arc8 players are able to enter gaming tournaments with GMEE, and earn from a partner token prize pool as a reward. NFTs may also be offered as rewards, alongside (or instead of) tokens. Other events, such as NFT events or third-party game events are more exclusive – entry is possible only if the player owns a certain NFT.
So far, there have been many successful Token Takeover events that have paid out SAND, MATIC, QUICK, REVV, SPORT, QUIDD, TCP and more. It is possible to read about previous and upcoming events on the GAMEE Medium page. More information can also be found on the Events page of the GAMEE website.

Gaming Platform Schedule

May 2022 – Arc8 Season 2 Token Takovers: TOWER, QUICK, REVV
June 2022 – Arc8 Season 3 Token Takeovers: SAND, SPORT, MATIC
August 2022 – Arc8 Season 4 Token Takeovers: TCP, QUIDD NFT Event: QUIDD (Enter exclusive tournaments with an Atari NFT from the QUIDD collection; all players are eligible win an Atari-branded G-Bot Starter)
November 2022 – Arc8 Season 5 Token Takeovers: DOSE

Gaming Platform Roadmap:

Phase 1 (May 2022) [Completed]

Partner token support in Arc8
  • Token Takeover tournament prize pools with a partner token (currently on Polygon only)
Partner branding within Arc8 & games
  • Arc8 Takeover, in-app branding

Phase 2 (Q3 2022) [Completed]

Support of partner NFT collections (v1)
  • exclusive access for NFT holders to special tournaments or games

Phase 3 (Q4 2022)

Marketplace for NFTs
Support of partner NFT collections (v2)
  • support of NFT as avatars on the platform
  • rewarded quests for NFT holders

Phase 4 (2023)

Support of third party games
The first batch of partners that launched on Arc8, May 2022