Upgrading & Evolving
Each G-Bot is unique due to the specific combination of its stats.
Each of the stats has a direct impact on the performance in G-Bots games. More about Stats.
The better the stats of a G-Bot, the higher its value because it will perform better within the games. The better it performs, the higher chance of winning!
Upgrading costs $ET and $GMEE tokens.
All the stats can be upgraded to the maximum level 99 before the COP (=Current Overall Power, average of all Stats) reaches the MOP (=Maximum Overall Potential).
The COP shows the current power of the G-Bot, the MOP shows how strong it can become.

G-Bot Evolution

Each G-Bot starts as a Baby Bot.
When upgrading a Baby Bot, players will eventually reach the Evolution Point – a specific threshold for each rarity that determines when the Baby Bot is mature enough to evolve into a G-Bot.
Baby bot => G-Bot
Once the COP is upgraded beyond the Evolution Point of the given rarity, the Baby Bot evolves into a G-Bot. Its visuals change and there is a chance that its rarity will increase.
The process of evolution is the only way to obtain the Ultimate rarity of G-Bots.
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