Upgrading & Evolving
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Each G-Bot is unique due to the specific combination of its stats.
Each of the stats has a direct impact on the performance in G-Bots games.
The better the stats of a G-Bot, the higher its value because it will perform better within the games. The better it performs, the higher chance of winning!
Upgrading costs OMP and GMEE tokens.
All the stats can be upgraded to the maximum level 99 before the COP (Current Overall Power; average of all Stats) reaches the MOP (Maximum Overall Potential).
  • Each time a player upgrades, there are 9 points to distribute among the stats (strength, speed, battery, HP, attack, defense, critical, luck, special), with a max of 3 points per stat each time. However, upgrades can be chained together so you can do more than one at once.
  • Each upgrade raises the COP (Current Overall Power) by 1. (The COP is an average of the G-Bot’s stats.)
To calculate the cost of breeding and upgrading, you will need to reference this table:
Multiplier table to calculate costs of G-Bot functionalities
To calculate upgrading costs in OMP and GMEE, use these two formulae:
  • GMEE: Upgrading multiplier x rarity multiplier x GMEE multiplier
  • OMP: Upgrading multiplier x rarity multiplier x OMP multiplier x COP (Current Overall Power)
Example: We are upgrading an Epic G-Bot with a COP of 52:
GMEE Cost = 1 (upgrading multiplier) x 10 (Epic multiplier) x 10 (GMEE multiplier) = 100 GMEE
OMP Cost = 1 (upgrading multiplier) x 10 (Epic multiplier) x 0.1 (OMP multiplier) x 52 (COP) = 52 OMP
Upgrading time To see how long an upgrade will take, take a look at this table:
The COP shows the current power of the G-Bot, the MOP shows how strong it can become.

G-Bot Evolution

Baby bot => G-Bot
Each G-Bot starts as a Baby Bot.
When upgrading a Baby Bot, players will eventually reach the Evolution Point – a specific threshold for each rarity that determines when the Baby Bot has been upgraded enough to evolve into a G-Bot.
The Evolution Point for different rarity G-Bots can be seen here:
Evolution Point
The costs and timing for evolving different rarity G-Bots can be seen here:
Cost of evolving
Once the COP is upgraded beyond the Evolution Point of the given rarity, the Baby Bot evolves into a G-Bot. Its visuals change and there is a chance that its rarity will increase. Below is the a table that shows the rarity probability of your adult G-Bot when it has evolved from a Baby Bot. Find your Baby Bot's current rarity at the top (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythical) and then follow the column down to see what rarity level it may evolve into.
Probability of adult G-Bot rarity after evolving from a Baby Bot
The process of evolution is the only way to obtain the Ultimate rarity of G-Bots.
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