Omega Particles (OMP)
The native token of the G-Bot metaverse
Omega Particles (OMP) are the native ERC-20 token of the G-Bots Metaverse. At present, this token can only be earned in G-Bot tournaments. Head-to-head matches and G-Bot Starter tournaments, however, pay out in GMEE. When these new G-Bot functionalities go live, there will be a small GMEE/OMP DEX liquidity pool opened. However, the rest is down to the G-Bot community.
This token will soon be used to upgrade, evolve and breed new G-Bots in combination with Arc8's native token.
OMP has an unlimited supply, and when used for one of these functions, it is burned. View the OMP token on Polygon here.
For more information on the economy behind OMP, including the cost of the new upcoming functionalities, take a look at the individual pages for breeding, upgrading and evolving.
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