Role of GMEE for Players

Players need GMEE to access several features and items within Arc8 games and to vote and take part in shaping its future.
Gameplay Payments
Players need GMEE Tokens to pay for in-game items (season pass, game entry fees and items to grow game characters)
Gameplay Access
GMEE Token is the only means of access to a competitive mode of Arc8, where players earn various rewards from the web3 space (such as partner tokens, NFTs and other perks)
Gameplay Rewards
Initial rewards across supported games were paid in GMEE; these are replaced with sponsored rewards and stablecoins
NFT Upgrades & Breeding
Players use GMEE to upgrade their G-Bot and increase the robot's overall power and stats, as well as use GMEE token to breed new G-Bots
The marketplace enables the community to purchase, rent and trade in-game items with the GMEE token
GMEE allows holders to participate in decision-making about the platform features and games roadmap