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Role of GMEE in Ecosystem

Partners and web3 communities use GMEE tokens to gain exposure to web3-ready audiences across GAMEE's products. In a gamified way, partenr tokens/NFTs are distributed, driving user acquisition, engagement and opportunities for monetizable utility.
GMEE Token Utility for Partners
Arc8 Gamefest Sponsorship / Telegram gaming Sponsorships
Partners stake / pay fee in GMEE to acquire web3 players with gamified distributions of tokens, NFTs, rewarded tasks and other perks.
Past collaboration examples include Atari x Quidd, Planet IX, Decentraland, Man City FC.
Partner Arcades
Custom gated game competitions for existing communities. Partner arcades are activated with GMEE tokens.
Trial collaborations examples include the Cool Cats NFT collection.
There are two potential routes for partners, depending on their needs.
To acquire users for a web3 project, game, or NFT collection:
  • partners become game sponsors and distribute tokens, and NFTs, or present rewarded tasks to GAMEE's audience, which results in brand exposure and user acquisition for their project
To engage or monetize their existing audience:
  • partners run a custom game activation exclusively for the partner community
In both cases, partners stake GMEE to run the event / pay event fees.
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