G-Bot Staking

How do I stake a G-Bot?

Please follow our tutorial here: If you'd prefer to watch a video, then take a look here:

How do I get a G-Bot?

You can get a G-Bot on OpenSea. Here is a video to guide you through the process.
How to get a G-Bot on OpenSea
Alternatively, you can win a G-Bot Starter by competing in the frequent Arc8 events that offer them as a reward. Note that G-Bot Starters have low stats and are not capable of breeding, upgrading or evolving; they simply grant access to G-Bot games in Arc8.
More can be found about G-Bot Starters and why we created them in this article.

How much can I earn?

Each staking event has a fixed pool of rewards for the duration of the event. These rewards are distributed to all assets staked according to their earning capacity and duration. These rewards are constantly recalculated based on the total number of assets staked at specific times.

Can I stake more then one G-Bot?

Yes, you can stake as many G-Bots as you want, one at a time.

What happens with my G-Bot when I stake it?

When you stake your G-Bot, you are sending it on a mission to bring you back some nice GMEE loot. Your G-Bot will leave your wallet and will return once you unstake it.

Can I unstake my G-Bot?

Yes! You can unstake your G-Bots at any time. Your earnings will remain staked until you claim them.

My G-Bot is not showing in the staking event

We suggest you do the following checks:
  • Check that you are connected to the correct network (Polygon).
  • Check that your G-Bots are in the correct external wallet. Your wallet should be both unlocked and connected. You can see your G-Bots in your inventory in the dashboard section. If you are unsure, you can find out which wallet your G-Bot is stored in by checking the inventory detail, right under the G-Bot stats.

I cannot approve the staking – it seems to be pending

You may need to set a higher gas fee for the transaction to make it go through, or try again later.